One retailer has made PS5 pre-orders available to its customers just days after Sony confirmed the console's name and release window. The PS5's system architect Mark Cerny said that the PS5 would be released in holiday 2020, though he didn't reveal which games it would be launching with.

Dutch publication LetsGoDigital reveals that Game Mania, a video game retailer in Belgium, is now allowing shoppers to place a deposit to pre-order the PS5. To do this, shoppers can visit one of the 76 Game Mania locations in the European country and put down 50 Euros. This fee will allow them to be among the first to get a PS5 when it arrives on Game Mania shelves sometime next year.

Game Mania hasn't listed a price for the PS5, but it seems safe to suggest that the new console will cost more than 50 Euros. Some analysts have suggested that the PS5 price could be $499, which is 452 Euros at today's exchange rate. That makes the console $100 more expensive than the price of the PS4, which went on sale at $399, though it's also much cheaper than the $599 which Sony was asking for the PS3 when it launched.

Sony has only revealed a few details about its new console. The PS5 specs have been confirmed and Sony has also been sharing information about a new PS5 controller which will drop the rumble feature enjoyed by fans of the DualShock 4 controllers and will add haptic technology. The company will likely be very happy to learn that although fans know very little about the PS5, they are very happy to go to retailers like Game Mania and put money down to secure theirs.

The excitement surrounding the console is sure to increase over the next year because Sony is planning a larger reveal for the PS5 for 2020. This event will likely offer up the first information about the PS5 launch titles. There has been an avalanche of rumors, from job listings that hint at Horizon Zero Dawn 2 on PS5 to GTA 6 as a PS5 exclusive and from Battlefield: Bad Company 3 to PS5 versions of Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima. However, while these rumors have all been celebrated by fans, Sony and the other publishers of these series haven't said that they're happening. If these games are confirmed though, fans in Belgium won't be the only ones rushing out to retailers trying to pre-order the PS5.

Source: LetsGoDigital