The countdown to the next-generation PlayStation console, the PS5, is shrinking quickly. With mid-November and Black Friday 2019 past, it's likely that the PS5 will now launch in less than a year. And as holiday 2020 nears, more and more evidence of the PS5's existence continues to be shared. For example, a new photo showing two PS5 devkits and two potential DualShock 5 early prototypes has just been leaked online.

The photo in question comes from the Twitter account Alchoholikaust, though their img is left unsaid. Their image as posted with just the words "PS5 anyone?" While the Twitter img may not have any further information, it's clear that the photo had to have come from a developer with access to the hardware. Funnily enough, devkits for both the PS4 and the PS4 Pro can be seen in the background as well, behind and to the left of the PS5 devkits in the photo.

Both the PS5 devkits and even the DualShock 5 controllers aren't necessarily huge surprises anymore. Photos of the PS5 devkit, as well as a patent teasing its odd design, have been leaked before. A patent for the DualShock 5 controllers has also been leaked, though this may be the first photo of the controller's prototypes. In other words, the devkits and controllers aren't huge surprises, but they are still very interesting.

The controllers do appear to confirm the previously leaked patent for what was assumed to be the DualShock 5 controllers. There are a few specific features that can be seen from a distance. Namely, the lack of a lightbar on the back, the smaller touchpad, bigger triggers on the back, and more of a chubbier design in general. There's likely more than meets the eye, of course, but it should be enough evidence to say definitively that this is the PS5's controller or prototype and not something else.

For the time being, leaked photos of PS5 devkits is all PlayStation fans will have to consider. Sony's not going to be showing off the PS5 ins 2019 and it may be some time into 2020 before the full console is unveiled, as well. Until then, PS5 rumors and speculation are the most that will be available. It's going to be a very long winter as fans wait for more information regarding next-gen consoles.