The Playstation 5 is coming in the holidays of 2020, and with this news comes numerous rumors about the capabilities of the console concerning the CPU, price, and generals features. With excitement brewing, players are trying to piece together the information that has been given, with a claim that the PlayStation 5 will utilize a controller that can be used independently of the console now popping up.

The PlayStation 5 will likely build on the legacy of the previous consoles. Every generation of the PlayStation has marked a significant improvement in the capabilities of the console, and there will undoubtedly be impressive upgrades for the upcoming iteration. The PlayStation had sold over 370 million units by 2015 and the success of the PlayStation 4 has surely added to this figure significantly. Yet, the idea of being able to use the controller of the console independently is similar to the plans of the brand new Google Stadia.

The theory behind the claim that a controller can operate without a console is fairly simple. The controller would be able to access previous data via the cloud and then allow you to connect to a nearby device, marking a significant change to the DualShock 4. Yet, with a host of new features and competition using this kind of technology, it would not be a shocking change. The issue with this technology is that the current Google Stadia 4k streaming plans may clash with US data cap policies and the new PS5 controller appears to use a similar methodology.

PS5 concept with control

This news seems relatively legitimate as it imgd from a patent filing by Sony. With this in mind, the company will have likely taken into account the data caps issue, especially given that the PS5 is rumored to have a focus on streaming and an in-built camera. The kind of technology that is being discussed with the PlayStation 5 is impressive and would be a significant improvement on the PS4.

The PS5 controller has details confirmed about its adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. The thought of these confirmed features being built upon will certainly excite fans. Furthermore, a console with impressive specs, controls, and portability would be a significant draw in the gaming market. The questions remaining are when the rumors will be confirmed and how much this technology would cost the consumer.

The PlayStation 5 will be released sometime during the 2020 holiday season.

Source: PlayFront (via SegmentNext)