Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans are champing at the bit for news regarding the game's next DLC fighter, the final fighter to be included in the game's first Fighters Pass. As ever, rumor and speculation regarding the fighter is getting out of control. The list of rumored Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighters seems to grow larger every day, rather than smaller. Today perhaps that list will shrink by one fighter, as a prominent leaker is de-confirming one popular rumored DLC fighter.

Industry leaker and rumormonger Sabi is back again, this time quashing a rumored fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Sabi says that they've been asking around about one rumored fighter specifically. That being Lloyd, the popular protagonist the Tales of Symphonia JRPG. Lloyd is an especially popular character in Japan, which can be influential regarding which characters get picked for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Lloyd's American voice actor, Scott Menville, has also hinted that he's working on an undisclosed project.

According to Sabi, however, the rumors surrounding Lloyd coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are nothing but speculation. They claim to have contacted three different insiders regarding the rumor and all three haven't "heard of Lloyd as FP5." Sabi believes this to be confirmation that the fifth DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Fighters Pass is a different character entirely. They also hint that we might get a more reliable update at The Game Awards 2019.

While Sabi says that Lloyd doesn't look like the final DLC character in the Fighters Pass, they do offer a glimmer of hope to fans. It's possible that the rumors swirling around Lloyd joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate weren't hinting at his inclusion as the fifth Fighters Pass character, but rather another DLC character to come in the future. Tales of Symphonia fans don't have to give up hope for their favorite character just yet.

While Lloyd may be crossed off the list of potential Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC additions that could be added as the fifth Fighters Pass character, the list remains very long. Potential characters include Crash Bandicoot, Dante of Devil May Cry, Ryu Hyabusa of Ninja Gaiden, and Geno of Super Mario RPG, among others. Hopefully, fans won't have to wait too long to find out who Nintendo chose. The Game Awards 2019 air on Dec. 12 and may be where Nintendo reveals the next fighter.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.