Earlier this year, US Senator from Vermont and candidate for the Democratic nominee for President, Bernie Sanders, created a Twitch channel. Following in Sanders' footsteps is current US President Donald Trump, whose campaign has now created a Twitch channel for him as well.

The Donald Trump Twitch channel seems as though it will mainly be streaming Trump's rallies, which he has held regularly throughout his initial campaign and while in office. With the 2020 presidential election looming, Trump will likely increase his number of rallies, with the next one to be streamed on Twitch taking place on October 17 in Dallas, Texas. It's unclear at the time of this writing if Trump will be using his Twitch channel for anything other than showcasing his rallies. His rally from Minneapolis, Minnesota was streamed on the channel last night, but there doesn't appear to be any other content.

Trump himself has yet to comment on his new Twitch channel. His latest tweet is about the ongoing trade talks with China, which also has ties to the video game industry. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony have joined forces to urge the Trump administration to hold off on technology tariffs that it plans to impose on China, which would potentially drive up the cost of the video game consoles in the United States.

It's possible the Trump campaign will begin using his Twitch channel for things other than showcasing rallies, but we shouldn't expect to see Trump streaming Fortnite or Apex Legends any time soon. While Twitch is primarily associated with game streams, the platform is being used for much more than that nowadays, though it will still help politicians like Trump and Sanders reach the gamer audience.

It's unclear exactly how far Trump will go to appeal to gamers on Twitch. The Sanders campaign has gone as far as to say Sanders is a gamer in spirit, pointing to how Bernie wants the video game industry to unionize. Trump has remained silent on the employment issues facing the video game industry today, as has pretty much every other politician, so his position on the matter is currently unknown.

Now that high profile politicians like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have joined Twitch, it's likely that others will follow suit. But with so many candidates on the playing field, it's hard to say who will throw their hat into the ring next.

Source: Twitch