YouTuber FouseyTube has been banned from Twitch and its not only his viewers who are confused by the decision, but FousseyTube himself. There hasn't been a statement about the length of the ban which could range from a day to a month. Fousey has a large YouTube following of over 10 million subscribers, but his Twitch account is relatively low key, which only adds to the mystery of the ban.

FouseyTube provides streaming content for games like Fortnite, and as his name suggests, he does this primarily through YouTube. On the other hand, his Twitch account has just over 100,000 followers, which means there's definitely a smaller chance of the channel being reported and generally there is less activity on the format as well. Fousey has raised the issue with his Twitter followers.

Clearly the streamer is confused by the decision and time will tell if Fousey reveals the reason for the ban given by Twitch. On the back of this tweet, Fousey did hint a move to Mixer. Although, not a major player on Twitch, Fousey's move is reflective of a general swing of streamers to Mixer. There have been a whole host of reasons given for moving to Mixer by former Twitch players, and one of these is Twitch been banning streamers with large followers relatively often. Yet it may be harder to bring YouTube success to Microsoft's platform.

The principles of Twitch may encourage players to move over to Mixer, yet every platform will have rules and regulations to enforce. What is interesting about the case with Fousey is that there doesn't seem to be a particular incident that his fans can point to which serves as an explanation for the situation. Of course, this may change as the streamer and his fans investigate further.

With more major streamers moving away from Twitch, the company will want to maintain a positive reputation for streamers. Unlike other justifiable bans, this instance looks damaging for the company, particularly with its tough competition in mind. The company and the streamer will likely want this ordeal to be rectified quickly, otherwise, another streamer with a large fanbase may look into Mixer as a platform for their content.

Source: Dexerto