Being a popular Twitch streamer is not without its downsides. In the case of Pokimane, one of the most popular women on Twitch's platform, those downsides include the necessity of a security detail accompanying you during TwitchCon. Speaking on her Twitch stream following her trip to TwitchCon 2019, Pokimane explained the necessity of a "bodyguard" at the convention and how Twitch was supporting potentially targeted Twitch streamers.

The worry for popular Twitch streamers is, of course, harassment. Since TwitchCon offers thousands of fans the opportunity to meet and interact with their favorite Twitch streamers, it's only rational to acknowledge that some of those fans won't have an appropriate understanding of boundaries. Or worse, they may have ill-intent. According to Pokimane, Twitch understands this and went out of its way to assign security, or bodyguards as Pokimane dubs them, to streamers who have received worrying messages or threats.

Speaking to her chat on her Twitch stream Pokimane described the situation, saying, "[Twitch] takes that so seriously, especially around TwitchCon time. Like, they started investigating people that did [send messages] and they started giving extra protection/bodyguards to people that were getting, like, weird messages." Pokimane heavily implied that she was a recipient of such harassing messages, but didn't elaborate further on that particular subject.

Pokimane did speak further regarding what it was like to have a bodyguard at TwitchCon. Altogether, Pokimane explained that it was a positive experience. Pokimane described their bodyguard "looked like a friend," likely meaning that they weren't an intimidating presence in the social environment of TwitchCon. However, Pokimane did acknowledge that her bodyguard definitely helped, admitting that at least one person had to be escorted out of TwitchCon by her guard. Pokimane again did not elaborate on this subject.

The bigger issue at hand is the increasing celebrity of Twitch streamers in the modern public eye. As much as Twitch viewers like to believe that subscribing and spamming emotes in a channel builds a relationship with a Twitch streamer, the more popular a streamer the less likely that is to be true. It's only a matter of time before certain streamers either won't be able to attend TwitchCon or will have to be escorted in for a specific event and then ushered out afterward.

For now, though, it seems like Twitch is doing what it can to keep the community atmosphere alive while maintaining safety as it's able at the same time.