The rise of live streaming has brought with it some pretty awkward moments, as having one's life broadcasted every day is pretty much certain to lead to some dicey incidents happening on camera. One such incident recently occurred with streamer Pokimane, who needed a bodyguard at Twitchcon and appears to have had a momentary lapse of judgment during one of her more recent streams.

In a clip that has since been deleted from Twitch, the streamer performed a Google Image search for the term "Spunk" on-stream, which, as most familiar with the term can probably guess, lead to some NSFW images being briefly displayed on the stream and broadcasted to Pokimane's audience. To the streamer's credit, she quickly realized the mistake, and almost immediately switched back to a YouTube video.

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As of this writing, Pokimane is still streaming and doesn't appear to have been banned for the incident. However, Twitch bans have been occurring pretty frequently as of late, and Twitch's terms of service make it abundantly clear how the service feels NSFW content or anything that may be construed as pornographic. However, Pokimane's incident didn't seem to be intentional, so it's possible the punishment, if there is one, will be less intense than most.

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On the other hand, streamers have been banned for far less. One streamer, quqco, recently served a suspension for wearing a Chun-Li costume on stream, which drew criticism from a large portion of the Twitch community. It's an interesting time for the service, as it struggles to determine the best course of action and these incidents and struggles to shake off criticisms for giving some popular streamers what appears to be a preferential treatment when it comes to bans.

It'll be interesting to see what happens with the situation. The incident seems innocent enough, but at the end of the day it all comes down to what Twitch's moderation team finds to be the best course of action. It doesn't seem like the type of incident worthy of a permanent or months-long ban, but there's a good chance that Pokimane could be suspended for a few days, which is what the past indicates may happen.

Source: Reddit