Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release in just over a month, so Game Freak and Nintendo are ramping information sharing about the upcoming RPG. The latest news comes from Japanese magazine CoroCoro's upcoming special Pokemon Sword and Shield guide book. Only the cover of the book has been revealed as of yet, but fit into a corner of the cover is the full Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area map.

The Wild Area in Pokemon Sword and Shield is a unique portion of the greater Galar Region. It's an open wilderness area that players are freely able to explore, where Game Freak even unlocks the camera so players are able to explore in any direction. It's an expansive area that includes many different biomes, with different Pokemon spread throughout. The Wild Area also has shifting weather, with Pokemon changing as a result. Players also speculate the Wild Area is specifically where Dynamax and Gigantimax raids will be found.

The Wild Area map's quite a bit small, since it was shrunk and slipped into a CoroCoro magazine cover's corner. But even though it's small, it provides a great sense of perspective for how large the Wild Area is in Pokemon Sword and Shield. There are three lakes in the lower portion of the Wild Area alone. Between the two leftmost lakes, there's a bridge going north to south. Pokemon players can imagine that that bridge is just wide enough for the player to walk over, and that should show just how big the map is.

That said, since the map is so small it's impossible to pick out the fine detail. There are dozens of colored markers spread over the map, each denoting something unique. Perhaps they mark Pokemon spawns, items, or Dynamax locations. But whatever they are, Pokemon Sword and Shield players are going to want to find out.

pokemon sword shield wild area map

So much remains to be revealed about Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, either by Game Freak or Nintendo leading up to launch for players to discover on their own. It's amazing how a tiny map could instill such a sense of adventure and wonder, but this map certainly does. If there's this much to find in an open wilderness area, it leads to questions about what players can expect in Pokemon Sword and Shield's cities and other explorable areas. Pokemon fans will find out soon.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release November 15 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Source: ResetEra