Pokemon Sword and Shield will launch next week, and there's quite a bit of fanfare for the games, along with a healthy dose of controversy. One of the more popular new features for Pokemon Sword and Shield is the addition of Gigantamax Pokemon, which give some of the franchise's most popular creatures a brand new look, including Pikachu and Charizard.

A new Japanese trailer has been released for Pokemon Sword and Shield that shows Gigantamax Charizard in action. We've seen Gigantamax Charizard before, but this cinematic trailer may be our best look at the Pokemon yet. It also shows a CG battle between it and what appears to be Corviknight. However, that's not all that the trailer shows.

This new Pokemon Sword and Shield cinematic trailer also gives fans a quick look at some of the Galar region Gym Leaders. Defeating these Gym Leaders is one of the primary goals of the games, and their large, open-air arenas will be where Gigantamax Pokemon will be used most often. The Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer does a good job of hyping these battles up, so it will be interesting to see if it all lives up to the hype come November 15.

The new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer ends with a look at the games' legendary Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta, though some of the unannounced legendaries are nowhere to be seen. Nintendo and Game Freak have kept some cards close to their chest when it comes to the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, though a bunch of leaks have rendered their efforts more or less futile.

Thanks to the Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks, we know that the games will also have an "evil" legendary Pokemon named Eternatus. We've seen Eternatus in blurry snapshots of the Pokemon Sword and Shield official strategy guide, but otherwise the Pokemon has been kept secret. At this point, it's likely that fans will have to wait until launch to really get a good look at him and some of the other Pokemon in the games.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launch on November 15, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.