Yesterday, Nintendo UK released the latest trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield. The five minute trailer gives an in-depth overview of the latest Pokemon game, showing off the Galar region and its many new Pokemon in detail. In fact, if players are looking to avoid spoilers for Sword and Shield, it is best they avoid this trailer.

This trailer comes after a major week for Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks. The evolutions for the new starters leaked and have made Pokemon fans both very excited and very angry. The overview trailer doesn't have any new reveals in store, but it does show off more Pokemon, gym leaders, and details the character customization screen.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield overview trailer hints at the diversity of the massive Galar region, from the rolling meadows to the densely populated metropolis. It shows off some new Pokemon like Yamper, who is an electric type Pokemon who looks an awful lot like a Corgi puppy. They are soon to be an adorable new favorite, along with other new Pokemon like Cramorant, Duraludon, and Alcremie, the ice cream Pokemon.

The trailer gives new shots of re-skinned favorites exclusive to the the Galar region. The trailer also details new gym leaders Milo, Nessa, Bea, and Alister and the types of Pokemon these powerful trainers will be bringing to the battle. All of these gym leaders were leaked last week and this trailer only further corroborates the information that was released from that leak.

The overview briefly shows the new Wild Area, an MMO-type zone that will have Max Raid Battles and will allow players to team up with friends and defeat and catch Wild Dynamax Pokemon. The trailer wraps by showing off the character customization, which looks like a slightly more in depth version of the Mii creator, and the new Pokemon job system. Instead of just sending your Pokemon to day care, players can now level up their team by sending them on jobs that will help out around town and give Pokemon a boost.

Pokemon Sword and Shield appears to be brimming with options that will cater to all types of Pokemon fans. The hardcore have a standard campaign again and a Wild Area that will take the best parts of Pokemon Go and turn them into high level zones. While more casual players who just love being in Game Freak's wondrous worlds have more options than ever for how they want to customize and show some love to their Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield release November 15, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.