Given all of the leaks being spread ahead of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield's launch, it's nice to have an official reveal from Nintendo and Game Freak. No, it isn't an official confirmation for any of the leaked Pokemon, or any other leaked gameplay details. It's a teaser for the official Pokemon Sword and Shield song made by Undertale creator Toby Fox. Today Nintendo posted a short video to YouTube giving Pokemon fans a taste of Toby Fox's contribution to the upcoming games.

Fans of Undertale and of Toby Fox's music will immediately recognize the style and personality of the new song. In fact, it's so in-line with Toby Fox's past work that it could very easily work as an Undertale song. It sounds like a mix of chiptune music and digital big band pomp. It almost makes you wish that Toby Fox had provided a full soundtrack for Pokemon Sword and Shield, though the ever-iconic music from Game Freak is definitely impossible to replace.

Alongside the release of the teaser for Toby Fox's Pokemon Sword and Shield song, he also provided a short statement detailing how he ended up partnering with Game Freak. Apparently it all started because a lot of people at Game Freak are big fans of Undertale. Go Ichinose, one of Game Freak's composers, was following Toby Fox on Twitter. Fox then decided to send Ichinose to say hello and they became quick friends. Eventually, Toby Fox went to lunch with several Game Freak developers and asked if he could make a song for Pokemon. They said yes, and the rest is history.

Toby Fox would go on to describe his song from his own point of view. "It's a fierce track full of explosive power. I wanted to show the energy and passion I felt when asked to create a song for Pokemon! Yeahh! Let's get wild, baby!" Toby Fox is clearly a big fan of Pokemon and went on to encourage his fans to pick up either Pokemon Sword or Shield and look forward to his song.

While the exact placement of Toby Fox's song in Pokemon Sword and Shield isn't entirely clear, he did leave a hint for fans. According to Toby Fox, players won't be able to hear the song until they beat the game first. It sounds like Toby Fox's song will be a part of the game's credits. Toby Fox wants everyone to enjoy Game Freak's music properly and not to rush through the game. For the full song, Undertale fans will just have to pick up Pokemon Sword or Shield and play through for themselves.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release November 15 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.