For players that are looking to extend their time with the recently-released Pokemon Sword and Shield, there are few activities better than hunting for Shiny Pokemon. Indeed, Shinies are exceedingly rare, and interested fans can spend countless hours tracking down Shiny variants of their favorite pocket monsters. This is exactly what one well-known Pokemon Sword and Shield Twitch streamer has been doing for days now, and some uncanny luck recently turned their Shiny hunt into something truly extraordinary.

The popular Twitch streamer in question is TheNo1Alex, and he has been casting Pokemon Sword and Shield to his audience for 12 hours every day since November 14. In no small part, these streams have been focused around catching Shinies in Sword and Shield, and TheNo1Alex put particular emphasis on obtaining a Shiny Impidimp, which he finally did after 80 hours and 4,051 attempts. While needing to farm so extensively for his Impidimp does not point to the streamer having any luck at all, it is what came immediately after that does.

As many would expect, the Pokemon Sword and Shield content creator was floored after finally obtaining his Shiny Impidimp, and he was anxious to save his progress and fully secure his special new pocket monster. However, before he was able to do so, another one of his Sword and Shield eggs began to hatch, and it contained something quite surprising indeed: yet another Shiny Impidimp.

Needless to say, TheNo1Alex was absolutely blown away by the situation, and his reaction can be seen by clicking the link below. To note, this clip does contain adult language, and readers that are sensitive to such content are thus advised to steer of clear this Pokemon Sword and Shield video.

Click Here to Watch TheNo1Alex's Reaction on Twitch

For the uninitiated, standard Shiny Pokemon are found at a rate of one in every 4,096 encounters, and there is an even rarer variant, dubbed square Shinies, to be found in Sword and Shield as well. This means that the appearance of TheNo1Alex's first Shiny Impidimp is almost perfectly aligned with their typical spawn rate, but catching another one immediately thereafter is far from the norm, and it is not something that many fans will experience during their time with these new Switch exclusives.

 Pokemon Sword and Shield are out now on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Twitch