[UPDATE: Game Rant has removed the images at the request of The Pokemon Company]

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield leaks continue to flood the internet, with off-screen photos of Pokemon evolutions, new Pokemon, and Gigantamax forms widespread. The first leaks, arriving Friday afternoon, delivered the evolutionary forms of Pokemon Sword and Shield starters Grookey and Sobble. Scorbunny's evolution, oddly, remained unseen. Saturday finally saw Scorbunny's final evolution, Cinderace, unveiled.

A leaked blurry photo of what's probably Pokemon Sword and Shield's strategy guide revealed Scorbunny's final form. It's blurry enough that at first glance, it isn't clear if this is Scorbunny's middle or final evolution, even. However, in the upper left corner of the photo the Pokemon's level is shown to be 49. Since most starter Pokemon evolve into their final form in the 30s, Cinderace is almost certainly it.

The actual Pokemon is pretty much what Pokemon Sword and Shield fans should expect. It's a bipedal bunny dressed almost like they're a soccer player. They have fluffy long years, though not in a traditional Bugs Bunny sort of way. They also have a fluff of orange coloring at the center of their head. The soccer player style of Cinderace has been hinted at in leaks for some time, so that's not a surprise. Its name even fits, as an ace is typically a term for a spectacular soccer player.

The photo also includes some additional gameplay information about Scorbunny's final evolution. Specifically, it lists Cinderace's elemental type. Cinderace will be, to the surprise of many, a pure Fire-type Pokemon. That's surprising since so many Pokemon evolve to have dual types. It's also surprising since so many Fire-type starters usually evolve into Fire/Fighting types. As expected, its weaknesses as a Fire-type are Water, Ground, and Rock.

With Scorbunny's final evolution revealed, all of Pokemon Sword and Shield's starters have their evolutions leaked - barring one. Scorbunny's middle evolution remains to be seen. But at the rate Pokemon are being leaked right now, it's just a matter of time before the Fire-type Scorbunny evolution is revealed as well. Since Game Freak and Nintendo decided this year to keep so many Pokemon secret through Pokemon Sword and Shield's launch, it's only to be expected that leaks will fill the gap instead.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release November 15 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Source: ResetEra