It was already heavily teased during a recent livestream but it has now been officially confirmed that another beloved Pokemon from the original set of games will be getting a fancy Galarian form in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Specifically, it's the fire horse Ponyta.

For those who may have missed it, a special 24-hour livestream was held that displayed "live footage" from the Galar region - the setting of the newest games - as a means for fans to see wild Pokemon in their natural habitat. Though a couple of returning Pokemon were confirmed, many were quickly critical of the livestream for being largely uneventful, until the reveal of this new form of Ponyta, which now resembles a unicorn with its new horn and sports a cotton candy-like mane. Two of them were spotted during the stream, though for some reason, one was missing its tail. It's unknown if this is a special detail about the form, but it's possible it's to differentiate the genders.

Aside from that, details about it are scarce, as we don't even know what its new typing is. Given that other Galarian forms like Weezing and Zizagoon fundamentally change the Pokemon's original typing, we can safely assume that Galarian Ponyta won't be a Fire type. Many fans suspect it will be a Fairy type, which is supported by its new appearance and the fact that most of the other Pokemon that appeared during the stream were Fairy types too, like Impidimp - a newer Pokemon that's also part Dark type. It's highly likely that its evolution, Rapidash, will have a different appearance as well.

The fact that Ponyta appeared is probably a surprise for some, as the latest rumors suggested that Kingler, another Gen 1 Pokemon, would be getting a Galarian form. Ponyta's reveal doesn't disprove this rumor, however, as we still have a month till Pokemon Sword and Shield's release, and Game Freak no doubt wants to keep some surprises close to its chest.

This isn't the only rumor still circulating either. One of the newest Pokemon to be revealed, Polteageist, is suspected to actually be an evolution, meaning that Trainers will probably need to capture a different Pokemon and train it up if they want the ghostly teapot on their team.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will release exclusively on Nintendo Switch on November 15th.