Pokemon Sword and Shield launches in less than a week, but recently some streamers have gotten their hands on early copies of the games and have started revealing more details that Nintendo has yet to share.

While some of the information shared has been interesting and exciting to some players, there are also some new changes that have fans even more frustrated with the games than they already were. It seems that Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will impose some restrictions to catching Pokemon based on level and player badge progress, potentially locking players out of getting some neat Pokemon until advancing later in the game.

The new information comes from a variety of livestreams that showcase players exploring the new Wild Areas in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Since players can encounter drastically overleveled Pokemon in the Wild Area, it seems that Game Freak has made it so players can battle, but not catch, these Pokemon without the right badge. It seems to function on the same principle as trading Pokemon has in previous titles, where players couldn't properly control high level Pokemon received from trades if they had not made enough progress in the game. This is to prevent getting a powerful Pokemon in a trade and then steamrolling through the game. However, some players are incredibly frustrated with this change as it means that there is no reward to fighting these powerful Pokemon at all in the Wild Area.

It seems that if players try to catch a Pokemon that exceeds the most recent badge's benchmark, then the game will state that the Pokemon has not let its guard down and cannot be caught. Players are arguing that it removes the risk/reward factor in chasing down these powerful Pokemon in the Wild Area since they cannot capture them. The new Wild Areas of Pokemon Sword and Shield feature a wide array of Pokemon of many different levels, but it seems that the high-level ones will only be good for leveling up a team.

With copies of the games out in the wild, some people have already started datamining the game to learn about what is hidden in the code. To the disappointment of many players, it seems that a large number of fan-favorite moves have been cut from Sword and Shield. The initial leaked livestreams hinted at this as some fans noticed the absence of fan-favorite moves, but now that people are digging through the code it is now official - though it doesn't mean they can't be added later.

The datamine also revealed some new Gigantimax forms in Pokemon Sword and Shield that had previously been unannounced. Some fan-favorites like Snorlax and Machamp are getting Gigantimax forms, and some new faces like Orbeetle and Toxtricity and getting ones as well. The Gigantimax forms are a new addition to Sword and Shield, and change up the battle with new moves and abilities. Only time will tell how they will impact the meta of competitive Pokemon.

While these come from leaked gameplay of Pokemon Sword and Shield, it still should be taken with a grain of salt as things can change before the game's final release date. While there has been a lot of internet backlash to Sword and Shieldsome are still very excited for the upcoming games, and thankfully don't have much longer to wait until they can dive into the Galar region for themselves.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield launch November 15 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: C-Will - Reddit