Leaks and datamines are everywhere with Nintendo's Pokemon Sword and Shield, releasing this Friday. Most of the leaked information is less than great news, and more information revealed today may continue to upset series veterans. Pokemon fans are already trying to boycott Sword and Shield, and this may just add fuel to the fire.

A text dump of Pokemon Sword and Shield reveals that the Global Trade Station, or GTS, will not be in these Switch titles. Trading with other players will instead be similar to the Pokemon Let's Go titles.

Searching through the text, players only found one mention of the GTS, the series' long-standing way to trade Pokemon. The GTS is only mentioned when actually trading a Pokemon, and it appears that there will be no actual GTS for players to go into and try to trade Pokemon with strangers. That means it'll be that much harder to try and trade for shinies, especially since Sword and Shield's starters are shiny locked.

Instead, reportedly Pokemon Sword and Shield will use a similar method of trading to the Pokemon Let's Go titles. In Pokemon Let's Go, players could only really trade with friends, as they would both need to enter the same "code" to trade with one another. While players can trade with others all over the world, they need to know one another or be part of a trading community in order to actually trade.

This change seems a bit unusual, and will no doubt make it difficult for many players to get the Pokemon Sword and Shield version exclusives. Not having an easy way to trade with strangers means a player will have to know enough people in to trade with in order to get what they need. It's a strange decision considering the often advertised point of Pokemon is to catch them all.

At the very least, though, Pokemon Sword and Shield will have Wonder Trades, or a tweaked version of it. However, while players trade with strangers, the Pokemon will be random as well. It's a strange choice on Game Freak's part to omit the GTS without a proper replacement.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will release on November 15 for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: ResetEra