The Pokemon Sword and Shield release is just a few days away, but the leaks are still not stopping. The latest datamine has revealed several changes that may not sit well with long-time fans of the mainline games. Previously, it was revealed that there will not be a National Pokedex in the Sword and Shield games which means several Pokemon won’t be appearing in the upcoming games at all; however, the latest leak suggests that along with the Pokemon, several moves have been cut from the games as well. Those who were looking forward to using some of the old-school moves in the upcoming Pokemon games might not be able to use some of their favorite moves anymore.

There are nearly 144 moves that won’t be making it to Sword and Shield, but most of these moves have little to no use in battles. However, there are some notable removals that have been part of the Pokemon games for a long time now. These include Return, Frustration, Hidden Power, Pursuit, and Dragon Rage. Most competitive players have used all or some of these moves at one point or another, and the removal of all these moves means that certain Pokemon are not viable anymore in terms of competitive battles.

There are some fans who don’t like the changes in the upcoming Pokemon games, but these changes are inevitable. If Game Freak does not remove older moves from the games, then they will have a hard time adding new moves since the move library will grow large enough to cause trouble balance-wise; the same applies to items and even Pokemon. Developers have already revealed some changes to the EXP share item in Sword and Shield.

Veteran Pokemon players have voiced their concerns that the new games might not be able to provide the same Pokemon experience as previous iterations. Still, the flip side of that argument is that the new changes might change the gameplay for the better and provide players with a new experience that does not feel as repetitive and grinding as some of the previous games. The latest Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer showed off some of the changes, and players got a glimpse of Gigantamax Pokemon as well. However, it remains to be seen how the changes actually play out when the games release next week.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launch on November 15, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.