Pokemon Sword and Shield is almost here, and the leaks have been coming in droves, giving players an early look at the game. The most recent piece of information to come dripping out of Game Freak involves the size of the Pokedex found within Sword and Shield.

Some of the recent leaks have involved the new Pokemon coming to Sword and Shield, along with many of their evolution lines. However, now there is a slightly more concrete idea of exactly how many Pokemon will be joining the catalog as well as how many old ones will be returning.

At the start of the game, the Pokedex will start with 400 empty entries for players to fill out as they explore the world of Sword and Shield, catching new Pokemon all along the way. Current leaks have also found that at least 92 of those 400 are brand new Pokemon and their evolutions that are being introduced in the new Galar region. However, there are a number of Pokemon that haven't been leaked or revealed yet, so that number may rise once the entire Pokedex is fully released.

gigantamax pikachu leak

The Pokedex will reportedly change in the post-game, expanding the initial 400 Pokemon available in the base game to 632 after beating the main story and beating all of the gym leaders on the way to becoming the Galar Champion. This adds 232 extra Pokemon to the game, although their exclusivity to Sword and Shield is still unknown. It should also be noted that these are all leaks at the moment, with Game Freak and Nintendo remaining quiet on the accuracy of much of the information that has come to light over the last few days.

With Sword and Shield's largest controversy being the lack of a national Pokedex, the robust catalog of Pokemon coming to the game might be enough to stave off the initial reflex from hearing that some favorites won't be making an appearance on the Switch release. Still, with 92 new Pokemon already suggested, with even more possibly revealed in the future, there will be plenty of new faces to the series to make Galar a worthwhile addition to the world of Pokemon in it's first main-title console release.

Pokemon Sword and Shield release on November 15, 2019 for the Switch.

Source: ResetEra