Pokemon fans have familiarized themselves with the series' deep well of secrets to explore for over twenty years, and some of the first hidden knowledge of what Pokemon Sword and Shield have to offer has begun to emerge with the games' Switch release over the weekend. Players have uncovered a rare form that Polteageist, a new Ghost-type teapot Pokemon, can take in rare conditions found in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Most players will be able to evolve Sinistea, a Ghost-type Pokemon possessing a teacup as its body, into Polteageist with an item called the Chipped Pot in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This item is used in much the same way as evolution stones are for other Pokemon. In extremely rare cases, however, it is possible for a player's Sinistea to require a Cracked Pot to evolve instead. Players will still receive a Polteageist after using the item, but the creature will emerge in a Non-Forgery Form that adds a stamp of authenticity to the ghostly teapot's underside.

Players have yet to observe any gameplay changes made for Polteageist's Non-Forgery Form in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Developer Game Freak appears to have gone down the Shiny Pokemon path while adding in the additional form for players to find. Rather than providing game changing abilities like Toxtricity's dual evolutions, the forms simply seem to be included for aesthetic appeal, as well as for the thrill of finding an uncommon version of a new creature.

According to the Pokedex found in Pokemon Sword, the Non-Forgery Form of Polteageist is particularly uncommon because most of the creatures live in counterfeit antique teacups scattered around the Galar region. In a clever case of gameplay and story mechanics working together, the spawn rate for Sinistea that use the Cracked Pot to evolve is an especially rare 1%. Most players likely won't encounter the special variant of the ghostly teapot, but its inclusion is a nice bonus for fans craving an extra challenge to catch 'em all in the new Pokemon games.

pokemon sword and shield reveals new pokemon

Polteageist was revealed earlier this year during a Nintendo Direct presentation of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the concept of a Ghost-type Pokemon living inside a teapot had bounced around the internet as far back as five years ago, complete with the same punny name that made it into Game Freak's newest titles.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are both out now for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: WWG