Another unverified Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield leak stemming from 4chan is making the rounds, claiming to have insider information about the upcoming RPGs. The bulk of the leak deals with unannounced story details, but there are several Pokemon-specific revelations, too. Perhaps the most interesting detail, however, is that the leak repeats a previously rumored detail about Pokemon Sword and Shield's starters and their final evolutions' different types.

As was previously announced, the Pokemon Sword and Shield starters will each have the same types as every Pokemon generation. Scorbunny is fire, Grookey is Grass, and Sobble is Water. According to the new leak, as well as previous rumors, two of the three won't be changing types through their entire evolution tree. Scorbunny's final evolution will also be Fire and Grookey's will be Grass. Sobble will split, however, and its final evolution will be a Water/Psychic-type.

Other Pokemon details include an evolution for Impidimp that looks like a "pink  Beelzemon Digimon," with a Gigantamax form with wings and fangs. There's also mention of a Bisharp evolution, a "Luxray line Normal/Dark," and a  "Dewgong Ice/Poison." These details aren't exactly clear, but they're likely referring either to unique Galarian forms or an evolution.

The leak also has some interesting spoilers regarding Pokemon Sword and Shield's story and structure. For those hoping to go into the games unspoiled, it's best to avoid these details. Interestingly, one of the first people the player meets will be the last gym's leader. They look like the "protagonist of Dragon Quest 5" and lead a Flying-type gym. Another interesting detail is that Team Yell is apparently a red herring. There's no actual evil team. Team Yell is just a fan club for Marnie and nothing more.

Perhaps the biggest revelation about Pokemon Sword and Shield's story is about the game's Legendary Pokemon. The leak claims that in addition to the two known wolf Legendaries there's also two others, a "Good" Legendary named Meteordita and a "Bad" Legendary named Eternatus. Meteordita apparently spends "the whole game in your pocket" before an interaction with Marnie transforms it into Kirlia "with an afro" at the end of the game.

pokemon sword shield leak 4chan

The accuracy of the leak cannot be verified at this time, given that the details of the leak are all new. The veracity of the details can only be confirmed with official confirmation by Game Freak in the coming weeks, or with Pokemon Sword and Shield's launch. Until then, they have to be considered unreliable rumors. That said, there's nothing specific noted that stands out as outrageous or ridiculous. It's as worth considering as any rumor yet to be proven wrong.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release November 15 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Source: ResetEra