With just a couple of weeks to go until Pokemon Sword and Shield, fans of the franchise are likely trying to decide which version they should get (if they do not get both). The mascot legendary and exclusives typically play into this, but for some, there's one more factor to consider this time around: the exclusive Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Leaders. While this may not have a huge impact, many will like one gym design over the other that could perhaps influence a decision, and now, fans may know every gym leader for each game.

Before moving forward, it's worth mentioning that this was leaked online and has circulated various forums, though the original is seemingly deleted now. That means players should take this information with a grain of salt, but it's worth noting that, despite making some bold claims, this post falls mostly in line with everything currently known about Gym Leaders. Here's every Gym Leader, which version they're exclusive to, and what Pokemon they will be using, according to said Pokemon Sword and Shield leak.

Gym 1: A Fire-type gym led by Kabu who uses a Growlithe and Inferver. Rewards the Steam Badge and TM59: Incinerate.

Gym 2: A Grass-type gym led by Milo who uses a Pumpkaboo and Eldegoss. Rewards the Harvest Badge and TM86: Grass Knot.

Gym 3: A Water-type Gym led by Nessa who uses a Barrazucca, Chinchou, and Drednaw. Rewards the Tide Badge and TM96: Aqua Jet.

Gym 4 (Exclusive to Sword): A Fairy-type Gym led by Opal who uses a Shiinotic, Parasect, and Impidus. Rewards the Sprite Badge and TM77: Scuffle.

Gym 4 (Exclusive to Shield): A Poison-type Gym led by Sopp who uses a Foongus, Smudgsqueek, and Weezing. Rewards the Spore Badge and TM06: Venoshock.

Gym 5 (Exclusive to Sword): A Fighting-type Gym led by Bea who uses a Hitmontop, Sirfetch'd, and Grabble. Rewards the Grapple Badge and TM31: Brick Break.

Gym 5 (Exclusive to Shield): A Ghost-type Gym led by Allister who uses a Mimikyu, Polteageist, and Purugly. Rewards the Spirit Badge and TM30: Shadow Ball.

Gym 6: A Dragon-type Gym led by George who uses a Drampa, Dragonair, Duraldon, and Anisgon. Rewards the Folk Badge and TM67: Dragon's Roar.

Gym 7 (Exclusive to Sword): A Dark-type Gym led by Donnie who uses a Mightyena, Obstagoon, Weavile, and Troublin. Rewards the Eclipse Badge and TM59: Brutal Swing.

Gym 7 (Exclusive to Shield): An Ice-type Gym led by Niklas who uses a Grumpig, Mamoswine, Snonolith, and Frostilla. Rewards the Peak Badge and TM70: Aurora Veil.

Gym 8: A Steel-type Gym led by Wesley who uses a Steelix, Klang, Clautant, Persian, and Mechanos. Rewards the Sheen Badge and TM91: Flash Cannon.


If this leak is to be believed, then it has some major implications for thus far unrevealed new Pokemon and Galarian forms as well. The new Pokemon include Inferver, Barrazucca (the unnamed but seen Water-type Pokemon?), Impidus (Impidimp's evolution?), Smudgsqueek, Grabble, Anisgon, Troublin, Snonolith, Frostilla, Clautant, and Mechanocs. The new Galarian Form Pokemon would include a Steel-type Persian, an Ice-type Grumpig, a Ghost-type Purugly, and a Fairy-type Parasect.

As always, it's best to take leaks with a grain of salt, but confirmation will likely happen sooner rather than later given the game's forthcoming release date. That's especially the case if the also-leaked Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo Direct pans out as rumored.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will launch on November 15, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Reddit