[UPDATE: Game Rant has removed the images at the request of The Pokemon Company]

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield leaks are going viral across the internet. A mix of off-screen photos and strategy guide photos are revealing many of Pokemon Sword and Shield's biggest secrets. All three starter Pokemon have most of their evolutions leaked, several previously unannounced Pokemon have leaked, and now a wide range of new Gigantamax forms have also leaked. It's certainly the biggest leak yet.

Eight new Gigantamax forms have been leaked, seven of which are for familiar Pokemon and one that's for an unrecognizable new Pokemon. And every single one of them is an impressive and creative upgrade to the Pokemon they're based on. The seven known Pokemon which are now confirmed to have Gigantamax forms include: Centiskorch, Garbador, Hatterene, Kingler, Machamp, Lapras, and Rolycoly. And the eighth new Gigantamax is some sort of snake or plant Pokemon with a big round red and white body.

Each of the new Gigantamax forms, like those revealed previously, are unique designs compared to their standard form. Whereas Dynamaxing is a form that enlargens a Pokemon to stadium-size, Gigantamax completely changes the Pokemon and even provides a unique ability. For example. Machamp retains most of his standout physical attributes, including his four arms, but he also gains what look to be empowered molten fists. Alternatively, Kingler grows a foamy beard. Game Freak is clearly having fun with the Gigantamax designs.

It's unclear just how many Gigantamax Pokemon that Game Freak plans on adding to the game. Prior to these recent leaks, there were eight known Gigantamax Pokemon. Today's eight make for a total of 16, which seems like surprisingly few. However, if more Gigantamax Pokemon existed, it seems like they would have leaked as well. It's not like they wouldn't be included in the strategy guide that appears to have leaked. Maybe Game Freak has a few surprises left, however.

The Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield leaks appear to be slowing down now that most of the big reveals have been spoiled. The Gigantamax forms are certainly one of the most exciting new features in Pokemon Sword and Shield, like Mega Evolutions but in a new way. Between Gigantamax forms, the starter Pokemons' evolutions, a handful of entirely new Pokemon, and the new Legendary, hype for the new games has to be at a peak. Now it's just a matter of patiently waiting for launch.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release November 15 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.