Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield leaks and rumors are constantly being discovered day-to-day, but this latest leak may be the biggest yet. The visuals for two of Pokemon Sword and Shield's mid-tier evolutions appear to have been leaked online. While the leak hasn't been confirmed and should be considered a rumor, they both look surprisingly legitimate. For official confirmation, however, Pokemon Sword and Shield fans will have to wait until November 15's release date.

Sobble is the first of Pokemon Sword and Shield's starter Pokemon to have its mid-tier evolution leaked. Sobble, as Pokemon fans are familiar, is a Water-type lizard Pokemon with a glum disposition. Based on its mid-tier evolution, Sobble grows into what must be its teenager years. The lizard is now bipedal and has what could be a leaf or something similar hanging from the top of its head over its eye as if it's embracing an emo or goth aesthetic. Also notable are the evolution's green hands and feet.

The second Pokemon Sword and Shield starter Pokemon to have its mid-tier evolution leaked is Grookey. Prior leaks have hinted that Grookey will evolve to into a sort of drummer, a leader of the pack. That definitely seems true, as Grookey's mid-tier evolution now has two sticks instead of just one. Grookey's head leaves have also grown into a full shrub. There also appears to be something on Grookey's back, but it's probably just their tail.

Oddly, the one starter that didn't have its starter evolution leaked is Scorbunny. It's odd because Scorbunny is quite possibly the most popular of the starters in Pokemon Sword and Shield, as Fire-type Pokemon almost always are. Scorbunny fans will just have to wait a while longer yet to see what everyone's favorite fire bunny will grow up to be.

pokenon sword shield starter mid evolutions leak

The Pokemon Sword and Shield starter evolution leaks stem from a mysterious Twitter account named LeakPokemon. The account released the leak and then, relatively quickly, deleted their account. The internet being what it is, the leaked images were quickly screenshot and shared widely. However, no further information about the screenshots was shared, no img was provided, and so the veracity of the leaks is difficult to ascertain. So as persuasive as these images may seem, it's best that they be taken with a grain of salt. Fan-created Pokemon 3D renders are increasingly impressive, after all.

Luckily, Pokemon fans won't have to wait much longer to find out what's coming next in Pokemon. Either Game Freak breaks the news about Pokemon Sword and Shield's starter Pokemon evolutions soon, or players find out for themselves in just a matter of weeks.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release November 15 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.