[UPDATE: Game Rant has removed the images following a request from The Pokemon Company]

Leaks for Pokemon Sword and Shield have been a constant for months now, but this weekend things intensified considerably. The leaks have since become a flood of unofficial information, with people all over the internet sharing what they’re claiming are new Pokemon as well as new Galarian variants of old ones. And now they offer what could very well be the first teasing look at one of the biggest mysteries these leaks have provided all year.

Back in May, fans were intrigued by a massive 4Chan leak that came to be known as the “Affleck Leak,” so named for being posted by a user using an image of actor Ben Affleck. Intriguing them even further was how Nintendo ended up confirming much of the leak’s claims the following month, which included Sword and Shield’s then-unannounced Dynamax mechanic and the Galar region’s Wild Area.

But among the claims that remained unconfirmed, mention was made of an “evil” legendary Pokemon named Eternatus. This would make it the third of the games’ legendary Pokemon after Zacian and Zamazenta, Sword and Shield’s mascots. The “evil” part in particular has been captivating fans, leaving many to speculate the possibility of a showdown taking place between the three of them at some point in the games’ story.

Speculation has been all that fans have had to work with for months, but changed this leak-filled weekend. Many of the leaks have built up on the Affleck Leak’s unconfirmed claims, like the evolutions for Sword and Shield's starter Pokemon. One of the latest of these, released this morning, claims to be the first glimpse of Eternatus, which was allegedly found in a guidebook for Sword and Shield. Unfortunately, the photo is very low quality, but it shows enough detail to convey a foreboding-looking figure that could definitely fit the description of “evil legendary Pokemon.”

It’s difficult to track where the new leaks have been originating from this weekend, given the speed that they’ve been recirculating through internet forums. As such, it’s impossible to tell how legit these are. Even if they’re bouncing off of earlier leaks that have since been proven accurate, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up too much until Pokemon Sword and Shield are finally out and they can see what the games have to offer for themselves. Luckily, they don’t long to wait until then.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be out on November 15 for the Switch.