Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are currently being advertised with a 24-hour long livestream. The stream is showing a supposed nature camera from within Pokemon Sword and Shield's Galar region. It shows Pokemon in their natural habitat, acting normally. At least, it shows Pokemon sometimes. Most of the time it shows nothing but a static wilderness background.

Sometimes a watchful viewer sees the hint of a hidden Pokemon. And one sighting from this morning, in particular, set off a lot of speculation.

The Pokemon in question was shown only briefly on the Pokemon Sword and Shield stream. It was viewable for less than a few seconds, and only partially viewable for the entire time it was seen. It was just enough for Pokemon fans to say confidently that it wasn't a recognizable Pokemon, simply based on its shape and color. However, given the look of the Pokemon, as well as the sound effects it made, fans speculated it may be the Galarian form of fan-favorite Pokemon Ponyta. One fan even went so far as to create an animation showing what it looks like behind the foliage.

As exciting as the speculation was, in the hours since that first tease the livestream has already revealed the surprise. A white Galarian form of Ponyta has since been seen multiple times, in much more apparent detail. First, it peeked its head out from behind a rock. Then it walked across the screen while an Impidimp blocked the camera. And finally, most recently, it stood extremely close to the camera so its body was largely blurred.

While some might prefer to wait until The Pokemon Company makes an official announcement, it's probably safe to assume that Galar Ponyta is going to be available in Pokemon Sword and Shield. So for those who have been watching the livestream all day hoping for a clearer sighting, it's okay to stop.

Ponyta is just the latest of several Galarian form Pokemon planned to be added in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Other Galarian form Pokemon previously revealed include Weezing, whose top hat looks like either a smokestack or a bong and both Zigzagoon and its evolution Linoone, both with a new zebra-esque color pattern. More Galarian form Pokemon can be expected to be revealed in the months to come.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release November 15 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.