Reviews for Pokemon Sword and Shield are out today, meaning that many game reviewers and critics have finished the game. This means loads of impressions over the next couple days, but also means that we finally know how long it will take to beat the latest Pokemon game, and how it stacks up to previous games in the franchise.

Last we heard about the length of Pokemon Sword and Shield the game director Shigeru Ohmori said "in terms of the volume or the amount of content in the main adventure, it’s comparable to other Pokemon generations that we’ve played."

This, it turns out, is mostly true and the lengths that critics have spent and anticipate players spending differ greatly depending on what the audience is coming to Pokemon for.

The first reviews for Sword and Shield say that to just get through the main story, the game will take around 30 hours. Other people who have played and written about the game say it took them closer to 40 hours to complete their first time through. It sounds like even clocking out at 40 hours will leave players plenty of extra nooks and crannies to explore and Pokemon to catch.

This does not even count the Wild Area, where players can group up, raid, and take on Dynamax Pokemon. This largely post-game content that hasn't' yet been explored as the game isn't out until Friday. Its also worth noting that the content in the Wild Area will be more akin to Destiny or Pokemon GO in terms of measuring the worth and length of its content. If the Wild Area keeps players sticking with the game for months at a time, it could make the game a significantly bigger success than it already will be.

This largely puts Sword and Shield in line with most other Pokemon RPGs. According to, most Pokemon games from previous generations fall between 30 and 40 hours to complete their main story. The estimates out there are limited so when more players get their hands, it will be easier to see if that averages out closer to 30 or 40 hours and where that falls within the range of the already existing titles.

The reviews seem mostly positive, despite fan backlash and perceived issues the games have been receiving for technical issues and a lack of Pokemon in the game. Still, it seems that if players liked all previous entries in the series, they will enjoy Sword and Shield. 

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release on November 15, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Source: IGN