One of Pokemon's creepiest traditions returns in the latest entry in the franchise, Sword and Shield. Ever since Pokemon Diamond and Pearl on the DS, each game features a side quest involving a ghost girl.

In Sword and Shield players can find a young girl in Hammerlocke standing near the castle above the train station. She'll task players with delivering a note to a boy in Ballonlea named Frank. When they make it to Frank you quickly realize that he is a grown man, not a boy. He will then explain that he was good friends with the girl as a child but she didn't tell him about a mysterious and fatal illness she had and they grew apart.

When the player returns to the spot where the girl was before, her voice can be heard and the item Reaper Cloth will be on the ground. The Reaper Cloth is an item that can be held by a Pokemon. If it is held by a Dusclops when trading with another player it will evolve into a Dusknoir. Something that is, unfortunately, harder to do in these new games as the Global Trade Station is removed in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl players could see the ghost of a young girl haunting the Old Chateau. Other ghost girls could be found in Pokemon Black and White as well as their sequels, Pokemon X and (which is one of the most popular Pokemon generations among fans), Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and the demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon. There have been many theories about whether these ghosts are related and their connection to the main story of their respective games, fueling many game theories over the years. Particularly the ghost girl from X and Y. In those games, when players enter Lumiose City, the music will stop, the screen will flash, and a creepy girl will float by menacingly. She says "No, you're not the one" and then disappears as quickly as she appeared.

Even now players don't know why she is there. Even the game's producer Junichi Masuda has no idea why she is there, although he might just be messing with us. In the end, it looks like these are just weird Easter eggs the team at Game Freak likes to insert into their games, which can sometimes lead to hidden secrets in Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Comicbook