Since most Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield players may be focused on catching Pokemon and earning the Galar region's championship, some small details may not have caught the player's attention.

Game Freak loves to fill its games with small surprises and Easter eggs, little details that bring their game worlds to life. One such Easter egg has recently been found and it's going to surprise a lot of Pokemon Sword and Shield players, as it was hidden in plain sight.

The Easter egg in question can be found almost immediately in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Like in previous Pokemon games, players are able to visit their bedrooms nearly immediately in the game. It's basically the starting point of their Pokemon journey. And in this bedroom, as is a tradition in the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Sword and Shield players find Nintendo's latest console, the Nintendo Switch. It's not the Nintendo Switch itself that's the Easter egg, however, but rather the console's controllers.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Players have discovered that the fake Nintendo Switch will actually display the player's real-life Joy-Con controller controllers in-game. Nintendo Switch players using grey Joy-Cons will have grey Joy-Cons in-game, while players with one red and one blue Joy-Con will have a matching set in-game, with each one even on the correct side. All it takes for it to show up is for the player to undock their Nintendo Switch, swap in their Joy-Cons, and then to reset their console in the dock.

It's unclear if every single Joy-Con color is supported in the Easter egg. There are 10 different standard colors for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, after all. There's Neon red and blue, normal red and blue, grey, and five more neon colors. Then there are another 10 different special edition Joy-Con colors solid exclusively with certain video games. For example, both Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu have colors fitting for their respective Pokemon. Pokemon Sword and Shield may not have prepared for every color, but hopefully it at least took into account the Pokemon Let's Go exclusive Joy-Cons.

Altogether it's not the most exciting Easter egg, as it doesn't add anything into the game in terms of gameplay. It doesn't reward the player with a Pokemon or anything like that. But it does make the player's bedroom in Pokemon Sword and Shield feel a little bit more like the player's own home. Those are the player's actual Joy-Con controllers, after all. Small details like that can make all of the difference in making an experience with a game feel meaningful.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.