Pokemon Sword and Shield have a fun little Easter Egg that activates for players who told the game their birthday. This isn't the first game to have a Birthday Easter Egg, but as always, it does provide a fun little extra for players who spend their special day playing their favorite new game.

A number of players took to Twitter to show how Pokemon Sword and Shield showed them appreciation on their special day. In response, the community has been quickly passing around the good tidings to celebrate along with the players.

In order to activate this Easter Egg, players have to set their birthday early on with an NPC woman who asks to confirm the player's birthday. After setting their birthday, players will be greeted with a "Happy Birthday" message the first time they enter a Pokemon Center on the registered day. Confetti and little pictures of smiling Pikachu emojis also cover the screen alongside the message, filling the screen with the celebratory announcement.

For players looking for some sort of special prize from the game on their birthday, the message is unfortunately all there is. There don't seem to be any items or discounts available on a players birthday, likely as a deterrent for players who might exploit an Easter Egg like that. Considering how players mess with the meta and IVs of Pokemon titles as is, giving players an opportunity for exploits probably isn't the best idea, even as a reward for their special day.

These are the little details that Game Freak excels at that makes their flagship game so popular and pushed Pokemon Sword and Shield to break sales records only a week after release. While the game may be getting hit by its own share of controversies, it has easily lived up to the franchise and earned its place as the first main console release for the series.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast