For a franchise as innocent looking as Pokemon, it certainly has more than its fair share of darkness and creepiness for those willing to look. While most people would probably point to Lavender Town from the original Red and Blue games due to it being a literal Pokemon graveyard, there are plenty more facts that can be easily glossed over such as Slowpoke being a delicacy, Hypno not only eating dreams but carrying away people with the best tasting ones, and Phantump being stumps possessed by the spirits of dead children. This dark trend takes a violent turn in Pokemon Sword and Shield with a new pocket monster.

While Pokemon Sword and Shield have plenty of new creatures to track down, the game introduces a new psychic type called Hatenna, the calm Pokemon. Things start innocent enough, with its PokeDex description revealing that the creature will never warm up to those who don't have a calm deposition. Things start to turn once Hatenna evolves into its second form, Hattrem as this appears to be a monster that just wants to be left alone.

As Hattrem, the serene Pokemon, the PokeDex descriptions become a little more startling. Sword users see that if strong emotions are shown around Hattrem, it'll silence the person violently. Shield users get a description a little less dark, though Hattrem will use the braids on its head to pummel foes until they quiet down. Not only that, one blow is capable of knocking out a professional boxers.

pokemon sword shield review

Game Freak and Nintendo saved the best for last as the Hatenna's final form gets arguably the most eye raising description. In the Shield version of the game, the description reveals that if people are too loud around this creature known as the Forest Witch, they risk being torn apart by the claws on its tentacle. Certainly not the most child friendly Pokemon available in the game.

It's more than likely that fans will discover even more surprising things inside of Pokemon Sword and Shield the longer both games are available. Many fans are also wondering if any potential creepy side plots from previous games will be somehow wrapped up in the latest game, such as how or why Bill from the original Red and Blue games was able to transform himself into a Pokemon. It'll be interesting to see if Game Freak is able to top two strange stories from Ultra Sun & Moon including Dittos replacing humans or a mysterious child luring people into a Sandygast beach trap.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are out now for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Bulbapedia