Anticipation is at an all-time high for Pokemon Sword and Shield. A mere two weeks remain before Game Freak releases the first-ever mainline Pokemon RPGs for a console, and fans are impatient to play and hungry for any new information they can get their hands on until they come out. Such information has leaked its way onto the internet, and it potentially reveals what the final forms of Pokemon Sword and Shield's starter Pokemon will be.

This leak continues off one that came earlier today. This morning, a mysterious Twitter user named LeakPokemon released what they claimed were screenshots of never-before-seen Pokemon coming to the games, before promptly deleting their account. Amid the screenshots leaked, the most intriguing show what appear to be the mid-stage evolutions of two of Sword and Shield’s starter Pokemon, the Grass-type primate Grookey and the Water-type lizard Sobble .

If LeakPokemon is to be believed, it looks like Grookey will apparently see its first evolution turn it into a taller, yellow-furred money with leaves spourting from its head and a stick in each hand, suggesting a drummer motif in its evolutions. Sobble, meanwhile, will go from a squatting blue lizard with a glum disposition to basically an emo teenager, complete with a hair-like thing (maybe a leaf) hanging over one of its eyes.

But it doesn’t stop there, because, as it turns out, LeakPokemon leaked not just Grookey and Sobble’s mid-tier evolutions, but their final ones as well. Images of these were found after the account’s deletion, and if they’re legit, things are going to get pretty wild for these two in the endgame. For starters, Grookey’s final evolution appears to go all in on the drummer theme, turning it into a muscled-up gorilla with a flowing head of leafy hair and a tree-stump kick-drum that it carries with it. Going in the other direction, Sobble looks set to bloom out of its teen years into a sleek and somewhat flamboyant reptile with bright frills dotting its head and trailing down its back like a cape.

pokemon sword shield starter final evolutions leak

As with the previous leak, this one doesn’t reveal what these evolutions are called. Another thing worth noting is that neither of the leaks show anything of the evolutions for Pokemon Sword and Shield’s third starter, the Fire-type Scorbunny. It remains unknown why we’ve yet to see anything of how the perky-looking rabbit will transform when Grookey and Sobble’s evolutions have supposedly been leaked.

Obviously, fans should take these leaks with a grain of salt until they can be confirmed or debunked. Either way, the games will be out in only fourteen days, so they won’t have long to wait before they can stop speculating and find out if the leaks are legit. Until then, though, North American fans can always pass the time by preloading Pokemon Sword and Shield ahead of launch.

Pokemon Sword and Shield come out on November 15 for the Switch.

Source: Resetera