Recently, it was revealed that the Gen 1 Pokemon, Ponyta, would be getting a brand new Galarian form in Pokemon Sword & Shield, but all other details about it, aside from its appearance, were a mystery. Fortunately, fans haven't had to wait too long to find out more. As of today, images showing off the Pokemon from the next issue of Famitsu have been released and translated, and Nintendo itself has shared more concrete information.

Firstly, Galarian Ponyta will be exclusive to the Shield version of the game. This isn't entirely surprising as version exclusives have consistently been a thing since the first set of games to help encourage players to trade with friends. It also makes sense since it was confirmed not too long ago that Sword would be getting an exclusive Pokemon; specifically Sirfetch'd, a new evolution for Farfetch'd.

What most fans will be interested in, however, is its typing, since all the Galarian forms so far have boasted different types to their original counterparts. Whereas Ponyta is usually a Fire type, its Galarian form will instead be Psychic. This is somewhat surprising as it was commonly theorized to be a Fairy type due to its appearance. We can probably expect it to remain Psychic when it evolves into Rapidash, though there is always the possibility it will gain an additional type as a result.

Its category in the Pokedex has changed too; it is now classified as the Unique Horn Pokemon and can be caught with one of two potential Abilities. The first, Run Away, was one of the first Abilities to be introduced in the series and simply makes escaping wild battles easier. The second, however, is a brand new one called Pastel Veil, which prevents itself and its allies from being poisoned. It can even cure its allies from poison when brought into battle, which will no doubt make it a valuable asset in Double Battles.

With only a month to go until the new games' release, there are still plenty of new Pokemon that have yet to be revealed. Rumors about potential new Galar forms and evolutions continue to be a img of discussion, including Polteageist, which some fans suspect is itself an evolution.

Pokemon Sword & Shield will release exclusively on Nintendo Switch on November 15th.

Source: My Nintendo News