Many Pokemon fans may have noticed the sheer volume of leaks that have arrived in the past few days, giving many an in-depth glimpse into the Pokemon that will appear in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Everything from the evil legendary Eternatus and a plethora of Gigantamax forms to Galarian forms and the final evolutions of Scorbunny, Sobble, and Grookey have been leaked. Another Pokemon that has garnered attention previously was Galarian Ponyta, with its evolved form also being revealed as part of these leaks.

Galarian Rapidash has leaked, revealing it to be the long-thought Psychic/Fairy type. It continues the color scheme of Galarian Ponyta and has the horn of a typical Rapidash but in a more My Little Pony-style fashion that the typical Kanto region form. Its horn seems to be longer than the standard form, and it maintains a regal, majestic form. Many Pokemon Sword and Shield fans will also need to be aware that Galarian Rapidash, as its pre-evolved form, is exclusive to Shield.

Pokemon Shield owners will be able to catch Galarian Ponyta and Rapidash to add to their teams, whereas Pokemon Sword owners will be able to catch Galarian Farfetch'd and its evolution, Sirfetch'd. In an odd twist, Sirfetch'd had already been officially revealed, but its pre-evolution is now getting some attention as a result of these leaks. It seems that Farfetch'd has a darker color scheme and a much larger leek than its Kanto region counterpart.

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For those who do know which version they want (and of course, which exclusive Pokemon they want), it's worth mentioning that Pokemon Sword and Shield can be pre-loaded now. With only a week and a half remaining until release, fans will want to seize this opportunity ASAP.

Pokemon Sword and Shield release November 15, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.