Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield's full range of starter evolutions is now complete, with both the mid and final evolutions for Scorbunny now posted online. Saturday saw Scorbunny's final evolution, Cinderace, leaked via a blurry strategy guide photo. Sunday's new leak features a much cleaner off-screen photo of Cinderace, as well as the first reliable photo of Scorbunny's middle evolution, Raboot. Pokemon Sword and Shield's Fire-type starter's evolution line has been fully revealed.

Being the newly leaked Pokemon, Raboot is perhaps the most interesting. Yet their design does provoke some questions about Game Freak's intention. Raboot appears to be wearing an orange (or maybe red) and black outfit, replete with a bandanna covering the lower half of their face. They're also wearing a yellow headband. Raboot could be assumed to be a ninja, looking somewhat like Naruto's Kakashi character, or even a protester. But odds are more likely Raboot is intended to look like a soccer fan of some sort.

Raboot being a soccer fan seems appropriate, given that Scorbunny has been teased playing with a soccer ball and that Cinderace is very clearly intended to be a soccer player. Cinderace, for those seeing the Scorbunny's final evolution for the first time, has upgraded to full soccer club kit. They look as if they're wearing long socks, shorts, and a jersey. Nevermind that their name, Cinderace, refers to a term used for incredibly talented soccer players.

The full Scorbunny evolution line would then be Scorbunny, learning to play soccer as a kid, Raboot, becoming a big soccer fan as they grow up, and Cinderace, realizing their dream and becoming a soccer player. This theme would absolutely fit with Game Freak's views of the Galar region, which it's basing on the UK. Galar has already been shown to have a soccer-like structure for competitive Pokemon training. Gyms, for example, are more like soccer stadiums, and gym leaders have fandoms not unlike soccer clubs.

raboot cinderace pokemon

With both of Scorbunny's evolutions now leaked, that means all of Pokemon Sword and Shield starters and their evolutions have leaked. Both Sobble and Grookey have both had their middle and final evolutions leaked, too. Oddly, neither Grookey nor Sobble's evolutions have as strong as a theme as Scorbunny. Grookey does have two sticks like a drummer, though. Scorbunny's evolutions definitely stand out, for better or worse.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release November 15 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Twitter