Earlier today, a trailer dropped for Pokemon Sword and Shield that has the internet buzzing. What players primarily were rewarded with was the introduction of several Gigantamax Pokemon.

These Gigantamax Pokemon are new, even bigger forms of Pokemon, similar to the Dynamax forms. One Pokemon among the group in particular caught the internet's attention and now many memes are being produced as a result.

While Pokemon's Gigantamax fluffy Eevee and chunky Pikachu have certainly amused fans, it's the gigantic Meowth that's really taken the internet by storm. Meowth towers over its trainer, and allegedly is so tall that it's been known to claw up skyscrapers when in this form. However, its resemblance to a certain meme known as Long Cat can't be ignored, and fans have now gone to town creating Long-Meowth memes as a result.

Long Cat is an old meme featuring a cat being held in an odd way so that its front paws stick out and its torso stretches downward. Meowth certainly resembles Long Cat in this form, as it's the torso that stretches the most for Meowth to take on this upright position.

Of course, those aren't the only memes the internet has to offer. Creative and clever fans have also delighted players by producing new images of Link attempting to scale a Gigantamax Meowth, similarly to the arduous mountains that Link has to scale on a regular basis in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Others have combined Gigantamax Meowth with other recent Alola and Galar variants of Pokemon, creating something a tad nightmareish in the process.

While Meowth's newest form may be pleasing to some, others are still lamenting the lack of new areas and Pokemon displayed in the latest trailer. While it might be disappointing to some to only see rehashed versions of Kanto Pokemon coming to the Galar Region, there's still time for Game Freak and Nintendo to reveal a lot more about what players can expect in the Pokemon Sword and Shield games. Given that not all Pokemon will appear in the Galar Pokedex, it may someday be refreshing to see familiar Pokemon from prior iterations, rather than distressing.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will release on November 15th exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.