Fan communities have always proven to be extensively creative, but one fan for Pokemon Sword and Shield as well as the new Disney+ exclusive The Mandalorian has taken crossovers to a new level. In this case, it isn't a title character that has made the cross from one franchise to the next, but a fan favorite instead who has been made a usable Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Shared through a twitter post, user @DanielKennedyDK has inserted the unnamed child (at the mere age of 50) from The Mandalorian, who just so happens to be the same species as Yoda, into the Sword and Shield Pokedex. With only 400 entries in the Sword and Shield Pokedex, there is certainly room for the character that the internet has dubbed "Baby Yoda" in the shrunken list of characters.

The entry labels Baby Yoda as a psychic type Pokemon, a reference to the characters force sensitivity and Star Wars' force users signature ability that resembles telekinesis. Also included is a short description about the character, based on what was known from the two episodes that were available at the time of posting. This is far from the only art fans have made about both Pokemon and The Mandalorian, with tons of Baby Yoda memes already circulating.

Another fanart mashup of Baby Yoda has already made headlines when a fan traded out Sam Bridges from Death Stranding for the titular Mandalorian and made Baby Yoda his BB. Similarly, fans excited to finally have Sword and Shield in their hands have been passing around art of their favorite Pokemon, new and old. Most content centered around the newest Pokemon games, however seem to really be focusing on the starters and their evolution, as is standard practice whenever a new title in the franchise releases.

With some fans going so far as to mod their favorite redacted Pokemon into Sword and Shield, it may be only a matter of time until a tech savvy fan makes the Baby Yoda concept a reality. Granted, this won't be available for everyone who bought a copy, with only little clips of the fan's work making it to other players. However, maybe just seeing Baby Yoda go toe to psychic toe with Mewtwo will be enough for some fans looking for more crossover gold.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are available now for Nintendo Switch

Source: Twitter (Via ComicBook)