It's almost time for Pokemon fans to face the first and perhaps most difficult decision of a new Pokemon generation. Before Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield buyers pick their starters, they'll have to choose which version of the game to buy. Galarian Ponyta being exclusive to Pokemon Shield will make the choice easy for some, though Sirfetch'd being exclusive to Pokemon Sword is another point of consideration. Others may choose based off of a coin flip. Others yet may choose not to decide at all, opting instead for partaking in this year's Pokemon Sword and Shield Double Pack SteelBook.

It's now confirmed that the rare Pokemon Double Pack SteelBook Edition is back for this year's Pokemon Sword and Shield release. The bundle retails for a $119.99, the combined price of both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield bought separately. The two-game package also includes a custom SteelBook featuring the two main Legendary Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta in a gold box. There's just one catch: the SteelBox Edition of the games is retailer exclusive.

As with years prior, the SteelBook Edition of the Pokemon Double Pack will be exclusive to Target in the United States. The standard edition of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Double Pack will be available at other retailers, but the SteelBook Edition specifically is exclusive. Both editions cost the same price and include the same exclusive digital bonuses. The Target-exclusive one just provides more value via the SteelBook.

Both the SteelBook Edition and the standard edition of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Double Pack offer exclusive digital content. The first piece of exclusive digital content is a golden backpack for both the boy and girl player characters. The Gold Studded Leather Case will be a fashionable rarity that players can show off in multiplayer raid battles. Then, even more valuable, buyers get two Dynamax Crystals. These crystals can be used to summon special Max Raid Battles that will last until midnight of the day they're consumed. One crystal is for Dynamax Larvitar, and the second is for Dynamax Jangmo-o.

Whether they're picking up the Pokemon Sword and Shield Double Pack SteelBook Edition or just the standard Double Pack, fans buying into both games at launch will be among the most dedicated of Pokemon players. It's likely that they're either dedicated to acquiring all Pokemon for themselves or are picking both up to share with a family member. The rest of us will settle for just a single copy of either Pokemon Sword or Shield, either with Galarian Ponyta or with regret.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release November 15 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.