A Japanese download card has inadvertently revealed two Pokemon from previous generations that are coming back for Pokemon Sword and Shield. This download card has a few screenshots from Pokemon Sword and Shield on it, and a couple of the screenshots reveal two Pokemon that have not been officially announced yet: Turtonator and Gothita.

An image of this Pokemon Sword and Shield download card was recently shared on Twitter, and many fans are sure to be excited to see Turtonator and Gothita featured on it. It's been rumored that the Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex may have around 500 Pokemon, with the amount of total Pokemon nearing 1,000, and this reveal means that fans can now fill in another four slots in the Galar Pokedex, as Gothita has two evolutions.

For the uninitiated, Gothita was first introduced in Pokemon Black and White, while Turtnator made its first appearance in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Since the announcement that not every Pokemon will appear in Pokemon Sword and Shield, many players have been wondering exactly which Pokemon will actually be in these new games, and they now know a couple more Pokemon that are included in the growing Pokedex, thanks to this download card.

The download card also reveals another important bit of information: the download size for Pokemon Sword and Shield. These Switch titles will be 10.3 GBs, which will take up a lot of the console's 32GB of space for Switch owners that have not invested in a microSD card. Thankfully, a physical copy of the title will not take up nearly as much space on the hard drive, and microSDs are not extremely expensive for fans interested in playing Pokemon Sword and Shield whenever, wherever.

Will more returning Pokemon be revealed before Pokemon Sword and Shield's release date in November? It seems likely, but chances are players will not know every Pokemon that is included in these highly anticipated titles until the games are out and in the public's hands.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launch on November 15, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.