Tons of Pokemon fans all over the world are looking forward to the November 2019 release of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Luckily for them, Nintendo has granted everyone an early download to help them get a little more excited for the November 15th release.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is the highly anticipated, first core Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch. While there have been a couple of mini Pokemon games for Switch, this will be the first full-length Pokemon game not on the 3DS or other portable system. It's going to be a big deal in the Pokemon community, and players are dying for more details of the game.

Starting October 30th, US players will be able to preload the entire Sword or Shield game. Preloading is when players can load the game data to their console before the game comes out so they don't have to start the download at midnight after the launch. European and Japanese Pokemon fans got to download their copies as early as the 29th. Most other areas should have their downloads by now, but some regions may not get it for a few days.

To be able to preload Sword and Shield, players will have to choose which (or both!) copies of the game they want. Shield will have the exclusive Galarian Ponyta and Sword will be have Sirfetch’d, but there may be more exclusives that haven't been spoiled yet. So many players are waiting for the full list of exclusives for each game to choose. Preloading is easy once a player chooses a version; just go to the eShop on the Switch and select the preload button after the purchase has been made.

Though this seems really early, it's nice to know that players all over the world have plenty of time to get the game downloaded and on their Switch. Knowing that Sword or Shield is preloaded is wonderful for those who have limited access to internet, or like to have advanced notice of whether they have to delete other games to make room. Sword and Shield doesn't come out for more than two weeks, but it will give fans plenty of time to download their game and have it ready for release night.

On the flip side of this, however, is the question: is the game really finished? In the days of day-one patches and massive updates days after a game's release, will this super early preload mean more loads later on for early birds? Nintendo has been pretty good about giving their releases plenty of time and delaying games like Animal Crossing to avoid the crunch. Only time will tell if this is actually the final download, or if players will be having more downloads later on before launch.

It also feels a little like Nintendo is pressuring fans to choose which game they want before all of the exclusives have been spoiled. Hopefully there won't be too many exclusive Gigantamax or others that show up in later spoilers that makes players wish they had bought the other game!

Pokemon Sword and Shield is a Switch exclusive available November 15th.

Source: Polygon