The Pokemon anime series has enjoyed more buzz lately than it has in years, thanks to some big developments like Ash finally winning a championship and the upcoming soft reboot that will introduce a new main character to explore the Pokemon world alongside Ash. Some fans who have been keeping up with the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime series noticed a rather creepy easter egg in the latest episode, though it will only be disturbing to those who dive deep into the Pokemon lore.

In one of the most recent episodes of the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime, there's a scene where a crowd gathers to watch Ash participate in a Pokemon battle. Eagle-eyed fan Aloladefender noticed that one of the people in the crowd is a little girl holding onto the strings of a Drifloon Pokemon. To most people, this would just look like a girl hold a balloon. But to Pokemon fans who know about Drifloon's Pokedex entry, this scene actually has rather dark implications.

For the uninitiated, Drifloon is one of the most disturbing Pokemon in the franchise's lore. Its Pokedex entry reveals that children who hold onto Drifloons often end up missing, which implies that the little girl seen in this episode could wind up on the back of a milk carton in the near future.

It's unclear if those behind the Pokemon anime series meant for this easter egg to be this dark, or if they just wanted to show a child holding a balloon-looking Pokemon. Regardless, it will be interesting to see if the girl appears in the English dubbed version of the episode, as that's sometimes censored compared to the Japanese version.

For example, there was a recent episode of the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime that censored shuriken. In the Japanese version, the shuriken looked as it should - metal and sharp. In the English version of that same episode, the shuriken was colored pink and given a rounded edge so it didn't seem quite as dangerous.

Sometimes the Pokemon anime doesn't bother censoring an episode, but instead outright bans it. The most recent example of this is the Pokemon Sun and Moon episode where Ash dressed up like a Passimian, which some felt was too close to blackface.