In a heartbreaking video, Pokemon Let's Go streamer TheSMonroeShow lost a long battle with one of the rarest shiny Pokemon in the whole game. After thousands of soft resets, the streamer was left without a shiny Mewtwo (one of the most difficult to catch) and without anything to show for all the hours spent trying.

Pokemon Let's Go was released back in November 2018, and some of the shiny versions of rare Pokemon have been extremely hard to catch. Most fans who have been hunting for this elusive Pokemon haven't even seen one in the last year, much less caught it.

Best Buy may have been handing out Mewtwos for the Let's Go launch, but they certainly weren't handing out the shiny versions. The chances of coming across a shiny version of any Pokemon are 1 in 4,096 (a shiny charm brings is down to 1 in 1,365).

TheSMonroeShow had spent more than 100 hours and more than 5,000 soft resets playing the battle between him and the shiny Mewtwo over and over again. In the final last hours, the streamer looked desperate and upset, trying to catch this impossible chance (it would very unlikely to see another anytime soon). The battle has a five-minute time limit, meaning that the Mewtwo will automatically leave if it goes undefeated for five minutes.

The video of the final moments of the 100th hour and the 5,365th soft reset are below, but beware, the streamer uses some pretty strong language. It's sad, and it wasn't even the first shiny Mewtwo disaster to befall a Let's Go streamer.

This video is hard for many gamers to watch; it's the culmination of a lot of hoping and praying, just to have those hopes dashed at the last. After 100 hours, TheSMonroeShow curses the Pokemon game that refuse to let him catch his shiny quarry. Catching certain shinies is a sort of right of passage for a lot of streamers, and many are looking to catch that elusive prey before the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield this November moves them away from Let's Go.

However, it seems like these horrible fail videos are getting more and more common on YouTube, Twitch, and other gaming video channels. It's partly sad that they failed, but spending 100 hours on any fight in a game could also be construed as a colossal waste of time. Pokemon Let's Go will no longer be the Pokemon game of choice in just a couple of weeks when Sword and Shield drops, and it would be even more sad to catch that shiny just as players were about to move onto a whole new game. However, viewers around the world will continue to watch as streamers try and fail over and over again in hopes of seeing that one-in-a-million win.

Source: Dexerto