After months of testing in limited regions, and one accidental rollout, it seems that Niantic is finally ready for Wayfarer's worldwide launch. The new tool will allow users to vote on potential new points of interest that could make it into Pokemon GO, Wizards Unite, or other Niantic games. Fans have been anxiously waiting for this sort of public tool for a long time and the launch is now just a few days away... For some players.

The worldwide rollout of Wayfarer has been confirmed by Niantic and is planned for next week. Unfortunately for the vast majority of Pokemon GO players, the tool is only going to be available for level 40 trainers for the time being. Although the mobile AR game has been out for a handful of years now, reaching max level is still a fairly challenging task and many hardcore players have yet to ding 40.

One important note to keep in mind is that Niantic nearly always rolls out new tools to the highest level players first and then gradually opens them up for other members of the community. That means while some players are submitting and reviewing potential new Pokestops, many others will just have to stay busy with the Looming in the Shadows Special Research.

“This is going to be launched for Pok√©mon GO players next week,” Niantic CEO John Hanke told a handful of reporters at a press gathering yesterday. “So worldwide people will be able to submit and rate and review these locations. That’s for GO now, and it’ll be in other games in the future. You can imagine that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and other games as they come online, will also share this capability.”Be sure to check back in the near future for more Pokemon GO strategy guides, news, and updates. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Because submitting and reviewing Pokestops is such an important responsibility, it's unclear at this point exactly if or when lower level players will be able to start using Wayfarer. The hope is that the reigns would loosen up enough to at least let level 30+ players into the system, but there is no confirmation or timeline of that for now. Trainers should get out into the wild and keep catching the most powerful Unova region Pokemon as they work up to level 40, so they can join in on the Wayfarer fun.

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Pokemon GO HUB