Players who thought the Team Rocket invasion was over in Pokemon GO are in for a surprise. It appears the villains are back to their old tricks again and are planning the next phase of their fiendish plans.

The news comes directly from the Pokemon GO Twitter, which teased the group's return by displaying three new images. These are recovered files that been partially restored, but are still corrupted, so none of them are very clear. What can be made out are three distinct figures, possibly hinting at Team Rocket bosses meant to reflect the three team leaders of Valor, Mystic, and Instinct.

Currently there are only theories as to their identities and how they will interact with players, but if it follows a similar pattern to the Team Rocket grunts, players will possibly battle them at special PokeStops. There is also a chance they may take over gyms and require players to team up to take them down. As for the rewards for doing so, the playerbase has begun to speculate wildly. The prevailing theory is they will reward Legendary birds, maybe even Shadow versions if the Shadow Pokemon theme continues.

More information on the upcoming event will roll out eventually, but for now, players can focus their attention on all of the new Gen 5 Pokemon that have been added to the game. Not every Pokemon from that generation is available now; there are just around 18 to start, not counting their evolved forms. Players should take the time to learn which Unova Pokemon are the best so they know the ones to add to their collection first.

Pokemon GO is out now in select regions for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Comicbook