Since Pokemon GO launched, one of the things that players have wanted was more control over where Pokestops and Gyms are located. Most of the current map is built off of the same points of interest that were submitted by fans of Niantic's other big game, Ingress. The ability to submit and rate potential new points of interest has been slowly rolling out worldwide and PoGO players around the globe got an early taste of the rating feature recently, but it didn't last long...

To rate potential points of interest in Pokemon GO, Ingress, or any other Niantic game; users need access to the new Wayfarer tool. This is a brand new rating tool, replacing Ingress' old method, that allows users with access to review proposed point of interest locations, images, and descriptions. It sounds like exactly what the hardcore PoGO audience has been begging for, but unfortunately the rollout and testing phase have been limited in scope so far.

Although it is supposed to still only be rolled out in certain regions, Niantic Wayfarer review permissions were accidentally made globally available to Pokemon GO players late this week. The mistake took a little while to roll back, so many players had already jumped into the app and started review potential new points of interest. Niantic quickly realized the mistake and at this point access has been taken away from everyone who isn't living in a designated testing area for now. Players will just have to go back to catching the most powerful Unova region Pokemon for a while instead...

Users were naturally a bit upset to gain access and then have it taken away again. Luckily, Niantic did confirm that any ratings done while users had access are not being deleted or anything like that. There was not update about when the tool will actually be released globally, but hopefully things are quickly moving in that direction.

These first two updates arrived just two days apart from each other, so it seems likely that more news will be on the way in the very near future. It's possible that the big boss fights could tie-in to the ongoing Halloween event, but this could also just be laying the groundwork for some early November in-game activities instead.

Check back for more Pokemon GO updates , strategy guides, and news in the near future. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Source: Niantic Twitter