While some people have moved on from Pokemon GO since it's inception, many remain fervent about the game, helping it to reach new earnings records on a regular basis. But even the most eager fan of Pokemon GO likely has a long way to go before they can catch up with one superfan.

Pokemon GO, the mobile augmented reality game, allows players to catch Pokemon wherever they go. While most people probably focus on collecting candy and catching rare or high CP Pokemon, this fan seems to have caught everything they've come across, reaching a stunning new milestone.

Pokemon GO trainer kyarorina, who is located in Japan, recently uploaded an image of their trainer profile, revealing that they have now caught over 1 million Pokemon. Stunned fans did the math and discovered that any other trainer looking to reach the same milestone would need to have collected at least 800 Pokemon a day, on average, since the game's release to do it. On top of that, kyarorina reportedly engages in up to 100 trades per day, too, to further bolster their efforts to be the very best.

There's no doubt that kyarorina's efforts are staggering, though their location may help to partially explain their ability to catch so many Pokemon. Many people in Japan walk and utilize public transit to get around, so devoted fans there might have an easier time committing regular Pokemon hunts into their daily schedule than someone who drives everywhere - though there have certainly been instances of people illegally playing Pokemon GO while driving.

pokemon go most pokemon caught 1 million record

Kyarorina's exploits aren't limited to simply catching Pokemon, either. The trainer has won over 76,000 battles, and walked over 20,000km, or in equivalent terms, over 12,000 miles. If Pokemon were subject to extinction, this trainer likely would have wiped out their local Pokemon population by this time entirely, as their Pokedex reveals that they've caught enough Rattata alone to accumulate nearly 200,000 Rattata candy.

Pokemon GO is still quite popular among fans, especially since recent updates have introduced the ability to battle Team Rocket leaders and even take down Giovanni. With the game showing no signs of slowing down, there's no telling how much bigger kyarorina's collection will get in the months - or even years - to come.

Pokemon GO is available now for mobile devices.

Source: Reddit