Niantic is teasing another new event for Pokemon GO, this time for Halloween later this month. While no details have been shared yet, players can assume to expect more Ghost-type Pokemon to appear in their area soon.

Pokemon GO typically has events centered around holidays, and Halloween is no exception. Past Halloween events upped the rate of Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon, as well as offered other rewards for those participating. Whether this event will be the same has yet to be seen.

A tweet was recently posted by Niantic teasing something with a ghost emoji and stating "it's almost time to make things a bit spookier." More likely than not, Niantic isng teasing a Halloween event, which it has also done in previous years. Last year's Pokemon GO Halloween event lasted about a week and offered an increased chance of finding Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon. In addition, there was a raid to fight and capture Giratana, a Ghost and Dragon-type legendary. Whether this returns for this year's event remains to be seen, however.

What players can expect, though, is extra Candy and Stardust, along with research quests that are easier to complete while the event is active. The store will also be likely to have some special accessories to buy for their trainer, although unfortunately Pokemon accessories in Pokemon GO are still missing. For players looking to finally get that Gengar or Honchkrow, the Halloween event will be the one that they don't want to miss.

The Halloween event is just the latest in a long line of special events for Pokemon GO this year. While sometimes it can feel a bit lonely to play Pokemon GO, these events tend to get players outside at the same time, giving them a higher chance of beating high-level raids and meet new people playing the game. It's also impressive that Niantic has kept steady development of the game for over three years, adding more Pokemon and features at regular intervals.

Pokemon GO's Halloween event isn't dated yet, but the most likely assumption is that it will start in late October, right around Halloween.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS.