Pokemon Sword and Shield are out now, and so far, the games have received positive reviews from several critics; however, players haven’t been as happy as the critics, and both games are being review bombed on Metacritic by users. Nintendo, on the other hand, is celebrating Pokemon Sword and Shield’s launch by giving Pokemon GO fans an opportunity to catch a Galarian Pokemon. Galar is the new Pokemon region in Sword and Shield, and several old Pokemon have new Galarian forms in the new region. These Pokemon include Weezing - a Poison-type Pokemon from the Kanto region who’s been given a whole new Galarian form in the new games.

Now, Pokemon GO players can catch Galarian Weezing in the game as the Pokemon will be appearing all over the world in 4-star Raid Battles right after November Community Day ends. This is the first time a Galarian Pokemon will be making its way to the mobile-based Pokemon game as a raid boss. Galarian Weezing is one of the new Pokemon introduced in Sword and Shield and looks different from its Kanto form because it has adapted to the different environments in the Galar region. Apart from being physically different, Galarian Weezing also has two types - Fairy and Poison, which means that Fairy-type’s Poison weakness won’t be a big problem for the all-new Weezing.

Those who are interested in catching the new and improved Weezing should mark their calendars, or just set their alarms because the raid will be live soon. The raid goes live today, on November 16 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m in players’ local time. Everyone all over the world will be able to participate in the Tier 4 raid during this time; however, those who miss out on this limited-time raid will have to wait for the next opportunity to catch the Pokemon as it will occasionally appear in raids, according to the company. Players will also be able to grab a new set of Galar-inspired clothes from the Style Shop for free.

Catching Galarian Weezing won’t be a walk in the park since it’s a Tier 4 raid battle. Still, trainers who already have Mewtwo or Metagross should have no problem defeating it since both these Pokemon are excellent counters to the new Pokemon. Galarian Weezing is weak to Steel, Ground, and Psychic types, so Pokemon like Jirachi, Excadrill, Dialga, etc. should be great against it. It’s an excellent opportunity for those who are boycotting Sword and Shield to catch and train Galarian Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO is available for iOS and Android mobile devices.