Pokemon GO is in the midst of its annual Halloween event, but this year's event is a little different. While it still has double candy for Pokemon GO players to collect, it also gives players the chance to catch costumed versions of the Gen 1 starter Pokemon. Unfortunately, it seems as though many Pokemon GO players are missing out on these costume raids, as they don't appear to be spawning nearly as much as other raids.

The Pokemon GO subreddit has a thread full of complaints from players who have yet to see a costume raid during the Halloween event at all. According to one player, they live in an area where they have 12 gyms around them, but all of the raids around them have been for other Pokemon. It seems as though most of the tier-1 raids, which is the level of raids the costume Pokemon should be found in, consist of Drifloons.

Niantic has yet to address this concern from the Pokemon GO community, so it's unclear if costume Pokemon raid spawns will be increased before the event is over. But if Pokemon GO fans do miss out, they shouldn't stress too much. It's likely that these costume Pokemon will be back for next year's event. And maybe we'll see the costume Pokemon added to the wild, which is the case with costume Pikachu, who is dressed as Mimikyu this time around, replacing Witch Hat Pikachu from previous years.

pokemon go halloween pikachu

The rarity of costume Pokemon raids isn't the only thing that has some Pokemon GO players upset about the ongoing Halloween event. Others aren't happy with just how difficult the new legendary raid boss Darkrai is. Some fans have started calling Darkrai a "tier 6 boss" because of how tough the fight is, as it forces them to get even more players together to have a realistic shot at defeating it. For some Pokemon GO players, especially those living in rural areas, getting together a large enough raid group for regular legendary raids is already a challenge, so making the raid bosses even harder to beat blocks them out of experiencing that part of the game completely.

The Pokemon GO Halloween 2019 event wraps up at 1pm PT on Friday, November 1.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Reddit