Pokemon GO may be several generations of Pokemon behind the main franchise, but apparently that isn't going to let the mobile game miss out of some Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield crossover fun. It may be some time before Scorbunny, Impidimp, and Wooloo show up in Pokemon GO, but several Galarian Pokemon may soon be available.

A new datamine of Pokemon GO's latest update shows that Niantic is bringing the Galarian forms of several Pokemon to the game. According to the datamine, three Galarian form Pokemon are indicated in Pokemon GO's files. The three Pokemon are Weezing, Zigzagoon, and Zigzagoone's evolution Linoone. Other Galarian forms that might be appropriate for Pokemon GO, like Galarian Ponyta, are unfortunately absent.

Though the Galarian forms are found within Pokemon GO's files, that doesn't mean that they're available in the game. This data likely only indicates that Niantic has plans to introduce these Galarian forms to the game in a future event. Niantic has yet to make an official comment or announcement on the matter, however, so it may be some time yet before the Galarian forms become available. It would make sense for them to launch alongside Pokemon Sword and Shield on November 15, though.

The Galarian Forms are represented in Pokemon GO's files in the same way that Alolan forms are. It's unclear if this means they'll be caught in a similar way, with most Alolan Pokemon being hatched from eggs. But it almost certainly means that Candy will be shared between a Galarian form Pokemon and its standard form, so as to enable evolution without an extreme amount of tedious Pokemon catching.

pokemon sword shield zigzagoon galar

The datamine also added some other interesting content to Pokemon GO. There's a ton of new RocketHQ stuff, for example. This includes Invasion Grunts, Leaders, Executives, and even Giovanni. There may even be a new arena just for Rocket Battles coming. For those who are able to defeat the upcoming Rocket invasion by reaching and defeating Giovanni, there will be a badge. There's also some bad news, in that Rocket stops will have a curfew and won't be available at all times.

Further details about upcoming Rocket events, as well as Galarian Pokemon, are certain to arrive soon.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices.